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Should I buy my "CBD" products on Amazon?

Adam Wenguer

Should I buy "CBD" products on Amazon?
Absolutely Not!
Amazon currently has prohibited the sale of legitimate CBD extracts. So now we are seeing a ton of shady companies looking to capitalize on a customer base that isn't properly educated on what to look for in an authentic CBD product.
What you will find on Amazon are a wide array of products that are labeled Hemp oil, hemp extract or even plain CBD. They even go as far as writing 500mg or 1000mg on the front label to further deceive you. When taking a closer look, you will see that these "hemp based" products are offering nothing more than Hemp oil (the exact same food grade oil you can find at wholefoods or other grocery stores).
Make sure you purchase your CBD extracts from a genuine producer or company that isn't hiding behind flashy marketing or unsubstantiated claims. We hear too many stories about customers being duped by shady companies so please make sure to pass this message along to your family and friends.
We thank YOU for sharing the health! 

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