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Maximum Strength
Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The most potent Full spectrum CBD extract on the market in organic, raw, cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Our #1 selling product.

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Full Spectrum CBD and Specialty Gummies

Each Gummy contains 25mg of our signature Full Spectrum CBD formula. Optimize your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with an exceptionally convenient and delicious delivery method.

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Full Spectrum CBD Softgel

Each Softgel contains 25mg of our signature Full Spectrum CBD formula. This popular product allows you to enjoy our CBD oil in a convenient delivery method with pre-measured and flavorless dosing.

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Why Dakota Prefers Element Health CBD

"Throughout the past few years I’ve been a HUGE fan of the plant and the products that come from its materials. When I first learned about the environmental benefits of growing hemp, the endless uses for its materials, and the healing benefits of its chemical compounds, I feel in love with this spectacular plant.

This is the driving force behind my partnership with Element Health! They’ve given me the opportunity to share the healing powers of CBD (the primary chemical that’s derived from hemp) with my audience!"

Made in the U.S.A

100% Organically grown hemp

Full Spectrum