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What's the difference between Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate?

Adam Wenguer

Element Health Lab


Hemp derived CBD oil has become one of the hottest household topics in the health and wellness community. Consumers are using CBD oil for it's wide range of medicinal and healing properties which include but are not limited to the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, pain and excess inflammation. A new light has been shed on the holistic approaches for treating health related issues, improving our overall sense of well-being and achieving physiological balance on a mental and physical level. This is in stark contrast to using pharmaceutical drugs as a band-aid to mask the symptoms of underlying illness.


What’s the difference between Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate?

Have you ever been disappointed because a CBD product didn’t live up to your expectations? Many products on the market contain a cheaper and diluted CBD isolate instead of a Full Spectrum formula. CBD isolate refers to a product that contains only the CBD molecule as all other plant material has been removed in the extraction process. Full Spectrum CBD formulas (also known as Whole Plant extraction) include not only the CBD molecule, but a host of other active cannabinoids as well as plant terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Some of the other cannabinoids found in our full spectrum formulas include CBN, CBG, CBD and CBDa. When ingested together (as nature intended), greater health benefits are experienced than if one were to supplement purely with CBD isolate.


The Entourage Effect

As mentioned previously, an authentic full spectrum formula contains everything the medicinal hemp plant has to offer. All of the compounds found in our full spectrum products (both original and maximum strength) have their own unique functionality. Terpenes for example, are powerful aromatic metabolites that are detected by your sense of smell and taste. They work together with the plant's cannabinoids to enhance the therapeutic effects we experience when ingesting a whole plant CBD product. Stress relief, mood boosting, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular protection, improved memory and cerebral activity, pain and inflammatory relief, enhanced circulation, and even eliminating pathogens in the respiratory system are just a few of the health benefits one can experience with terpenes and cannabinoids working together in unison.

According to a 2011 report by Dr. Ethan Russo in British Journal of Pharmacology, it is explained that cannabinoids and terpenes working together will synergistically create an "entourage effect." According to this study, whole plant extracts were able to provide greater relief than CBD isolate alone. Patients who received 100mg of a whole plant extract (full spectrum formula) had more therapeutic health benefits and a more positive subjective experience than patients who received 100mg of cbd isolate.


Benefits of using CBD isolate

CBD isolate can still be an appealing option for many consumers due to the complete removal of all traces of THC. For athletes and employees who are concerned about drug testing, CBD isolate is an exceptional substitute. Lack of flavor and ease of mixing are also positive qualities for certain consumers. It is an easier option to cook with or add to flavored drinks such a smoothies and coffee. It also appears to be a more effective solution in vape form by providing quicker relief and maintaining a thin consistency.


Final Words

While recent studies have proved that Full Spectrum formulas are more effective in utilizing the entire plant’s medicinal qualities, CBD isolate still serves as an effective option in the holistic medicine cabinet.  Most of our customers enjoy using our Full Spectrum oral drops as their go-to for daily CBD use (including topically on sore or irritated areas of the body). However, an ultra pure CBD isolate as found in our Vape carts can be a great supplement to your regular routine, especially if you are drug tested or if taste is a concern.


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  • Is this the same product that Adam (not sure of last name) was touting on the Fresno radio station kmj on the Chris Daniels show. I was impressed by his presentation..

    Larry Montero

  • I’ve tried other brands and Element Health full specrum CBD oil gave me the best results. The results are what you might expect from a pharmaceutical without the negative side effects. In fact it’s good for you!


  • I’ve tried other brands and Element Health full specrum CBD oil gave me the best results. The results are what you might expect from a pharmaceutical without the negative side effects. In fact it’s good for you!


  • Great first post, love the product!


  • Thank you for sharing this knowledge! It can be really confusing with all the information on CBD out there. This article helped simplify things for me. Thanks again!

    Kristen Kay

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